You are the heartbeat behind the music. You are my most devoted, and we'll conquer the world together.

The most inclusive club on the planet, the Pearl Party Crashers are more than fans. Together, we’re a movement.

Available only to members, you’ll gain early access to all of Stevie’s newest music, be pushed to the front of the line for concert tickets, and be entered to win a chance to hangout with Stevie Pearl herself! Simply enter your email address at the bottom of this page… Maybe she’ll see you backstage at the next World Tour??

"The Party Crashers are my favorite! Serious—hanging out with true fans is the best part of any concert. Plus, they’re always in the front row, singing loud when I forget lyrics ;). Sometimes we’ll take selfies, maybe we’ll all dance to Justin–who knows? No matter what, we always have fun. Thanks for caring so much about me. Know that I care about you too."Stevie Pearl

Join the official Stevie Pearl fan club and become a Pearl Party Crasher. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what the Crashers say about meeting Stevie:

“We got invited to her party! Like, at her house! It was so much fun. We hung out with her and her friends all night and danced by her pool. It was the best night of my life!”

Tamrin J.

“She’s even nicer in person, for real. I felt welcome, like I belonged. She took the time to talk to me–all of us.”

Brandon W.

“I’ve been a Pearl Party Crasher for about a decade now–no shame at all! I love Stevie Pearl! She’s a brilliant musician, and an even better person. She’s done amazing things for the industry and I’m proud to be a fan.”

Mario Cordova

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