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Stevie appreciates your love and support. Thank you for understanding and respecting her privacy during this difficult time. Kismet Records

Stevie Pearl ● Artist of the Decade

You hear me on the radio. See me in magazines. I’ve even been on TV a few times. Besides that, we’re not that much different. Well, that’s presumptuous of me… I like to think I’m just like any girl, but that’s not true. I’m really fortunate. I have a mom and dad who love me—support me, sacrificed for me. I have a little brother that I love. Before my fame, my family was never rich—but I’ve also never been hungry. I was able to go to school. I was told that I was special and I was encouraged to pursue the things I love. Now that I think about it, what I had before you saw me online is incredibly rare.

I say that because I know not everyone grew up that way. For me to say that I’m just like you diminishes your own special story—the hardships you’ve faced, the happiness you’ve shared with those you love, and the sad moments all by yourself. I’ll never pretend to know how you feel, but having these emotions is what has connected us.

Whether you have posters all over your bedroom wall or sometimes don’t have a bedroom at all—together, we feel. That’s all I’m doing in my songs, I’m telling you how I feel… and so many of you have told me that sometimes you feel the same way too. Because of that, we share something. I’m here because you’re here—and I’ll thank you each and every day for it.

Stevie ~ XoXo

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Stevie Pearl